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This page provides a repository of all the old What’s New entries for 2017, in reverse chronological order. If you really have a desire for the older entries, then the links below will get you access to all those that I’ve saved. They are unlikely to be of any great interest, but do provide a picture of how the site has developed over the just over seventeen years it has been here.

14 May 2017

A Fixture List arranged fixture this week at an opponent we’ve not played before in Hampton Wick Royal. Two of their batters gave us a bit of a runaround but they eventually had mercy on us which set up a good game and a loss by less than a yard. The usual summarised details of the game can be found on the results page along with a statistical notes only match report and the pertinent elements from the scorecard.

7 May 2017

I have updated the fixtures page to reflect the change of opposition for this coming Sunday, as mentioned below, including the usual map link and an appropriate addition to the Google Map with the locations of our 2017 opposition.

As already mentioned in passing the new season opened at regular first opponents Beechwood and went down to the wire again. The usual summarised details of the game can be found on the results page along with a statistical notes only match report and the pertinent elements from the scorecard.

Rolling the site over to the new season involves regenerating every page so if you find any errors do please let me know.

2 May 2017

PLEASE NOTE that we have a change of fixture for Sunday, with a game against new opponent Hampton Wick Royal CC, which is just a couple of miles, as the crow flies, from Ham & Petersham who cried off because of a Sunday cup game taking precedence on the common.

The 2017 season got underway on Sunday on another slightly less than balmy day in the shadow of the North Downs at Otford, with Beechwood contriving to give us another cracking contest to start things off. Details of the win, pulled out with just one ball to spare this year, will follow as soon as I’ve had the chance to get the new season stuff sorted. The result can be viewd on our Play-Cricket site but has not been fully cross-checked yet.

29 Mar 2017

It has been more than a month since the AGM and I have only recently got my act together to complete the minutes (which the attendees should have received a draft copy of to review prior to my issuing to all and sundry). Those that were there will know that one of the decisions made at the meeting, at my suggestion, was to eliminate the News page from this site. It is an anachronism in these days of social media (with the club now using WhatsApp for much of its internal communication and also having Facebook and Twitter accounts) and thus you will not find the usual post-AGM information on nets or a report of the proceedings themselves. The fixtures page has been updated, with the fixture list distributed at the AGM and further updated since, replete with map links, and I’ve created the now usual Google map with the locations of our 2017 opposition.

One of the other legs of my proposals regarding this site was to get rid of the Photo Gallery and move all of the images thereon, in their original more detailed forms, onto a more 21st Century photo handling site. Bill Jenkins has undertaken to curate the myriad photographs that have been supplied to me down the years, whilst also acting as the club’s social media ‘manager’ and as soon as he has found the time to put something together (or I work out how to access things) then I will link to those efforts from here and remove the existing pages (along with the rest of the Clubhouse pages, since they never did work out to be anything useful).

2 Jan 2017

As promised immediately after the dinner I have completed manual entry of the best performances information for seasons prior to 1984, so the only information missing now is for 1981, due to the missing scorebook and for 1984, since I am in the throes of entering that data into Play-Cricket and it seemed daft to do some of it twice. In doing so I have also split the lists across decade by decade pages, in the same way as all of the other season by season averages, in order to keep the overall page sizes reasonable. The Statistical Sett records details of a handful of changes arising from the process of building and entering the additional data. I also feel that I should point out that all of the data involved has been collected and entered manually, so there is every chance that it contains the odd error or three.

The addition of this data has had a couple of side effects, in that the decade bowling pages now include more best bowling figures on both the official bowling tables and the complete bowling tables, with more than 60 new entries added for the period concerned. The other area to benefit has been the personal pages, with those same best bowling figures showing up where appropriate and anyone that took four or more wickets in an innings, recorded 50 or more runs in an innings or simply recorded their best batting and/or bowling during the first twenty-five years of the club’s existence now showing that information in their personal best performances section. The most obvious single beneficiary of this is the legend that is Brian Moore, who gains more than 150 such performances (29 batting & 122 bowling), but the following have all seen at least a dozen new entries added – Albert Briscoe (8 & 11), Allan Butt (2 & 16), Alan Tickner (17 & 31), Brent Noble (28 & 5), Dave Tickner (14 & 17), Pete Legge and (3 & 14), Steve Card (14 bowling).

Once I have entered the 1984 data then I also intend to add an overall ‘best performances ever’ page into the hall of fame and thus finally replicate every table that was included in the fortieth anniversary document.

In addition to (almost) finishing off the best performances, a process that I only started on 27th October and had completed in almost exactly a month, there are two other related background projects that I have also brought to some sort of fruition for this update. These manifest themselves on a new dynamic multi-season averages page, something that I started work on just over five years ago and which Darrell has had access to ever since on my local version of the site but has never found its way into the public eye. One of the primary reasons for that, along with some significant changes off the back of comments made by Andy Iwanozcko when given a sneak peek all of those years ago, was that the new page originally had no way to link back into the rest of the site and didn’t really sit well with the standard navigation layout. For the past year or so I have been fiddling away at trying to create a new page layout, getting rid of the old Javascript menus and adding something more modern and hopefully better able to adapt to the needs of mobile devices. The end result is visible on that new dynamic averages page and I would welcome any feedback before I consider rolling it out across the whole site.

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