Badgers Cricket Club – Season 1996 Scorecards


This page contains the scorecards for season 1996. The links below provide a direct route to the card for each game plus access to the cards for seasons from 1984 to the present. For seasons 2000 onwards it is also possible to link to them from the associated results page entries or match reports and I hope to extend that facility to include all of the historical results pages, once I’ve figured out the best method of doing so.

All of the useful information that I have for each game is presented here, but I am still not entirely happy with the layout and would welcome any suggestions as to how it could be made clearer. Most of the abbreviations used here should be familiar to cricket lovers everywhere, but just in case:

Byes (listed against Extras)
Caught (in the How Out column) or outfield catches made
Did Not Bat
Leg byes (listed against Extras)
Leg Before Wicket
No balls (listed against Extras)
Penalty runs (listed against Extras)
ret. no.
Retired not out (usually a batter who retired hurt and did not resume their innings)
ret. out
Retired (for reasons that obviate a retired not out)
Stumped (in the How Out column) or stumpings made
Wides (listed against Extras)
Catches made by a wicket keeper
Wicket keeper

27 Apr 1996: Badgers at Newchapel & Horne   (Lost by 3 wickets)

Innings of Badgers – 190 for 6 dec.

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Jeremy Claytonct.7121121
2David Aldwinckleb.1822726
3Mark Gordonct.27369342
4Richard Kempb.284108439
5Alan Ticknerb.445148640
6Allan Buttct.216178530
7Brent Noblenot out14(1 ct.) 
8Alan Wilkesnot out7 
9Lee FosterDNB  
10Steve PittsDNB  
11Suresh JhaDNB (1 ct.) 
 Extras  24 
 Total190 for 6

Innings of Newchapel & Horne – 191 for 7 (34.3 overs)

1David Aldwinckle7.01222
2Alan Wilkes7.00380
3Mark Gordon7.02342
4Alan Tickner6.02232
5Suresh Jha3.00170
6Lee Foster2.00160
7Allan Butt2.30311
 Extras  11 

5 May 1996: Badgers at Nutfield   (Lost by 54 runs)

Innings of Nutfield – 162 all out (45 overs)

1Mark Gordon5.00231
2Alan Wilkes8.01320
3Martin Walker8.03123
4Alan Tickner14.05282
5Mick Willmott5.00371
6Allan Butt5.02222
 Extras  8 

Innings of Badgers – 108 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pittsct.10(1 WKc)1121
2Justin DuckerLBW0214113
3Mark Gordonb.9(1 ct.)338424
4Allan Buttb.1243830
5Suresh JhaLBW14575637
6Alan Wilkesct.11692517
7Jules Lyonrun out579270
8Barry Forresterb.389886
9Mick Willmottnot out79102104
10Alan TicknerLBW010108116
11Martin Walkerct.0(2 ct.) 
 Extras  37 
 Total108 for 10

11 May 1996: Badgers at Cudham   (Lost by 33 runs)

Innings of Cudham – 131 all out (43.2 overs)

1Martin Walker6.01221
2Alan Wilkes6.01120
3David Aldwinckle5.02183
4John Rourke5.00250
5Mick Willmott11.00344
6Suresh Jha7.03111
7Mark Gordon3.2180
 Extras  1 

Innings of Badgers – 98 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David AldwinckleLBW28(1 ct.)143143
2Steve Pittsct.29(2 st.)255312
3David Jonesb.835843
4Lee Fosterct.2469211
5Mark Gordonb.056950
6Mick Willmottb.10(1 ct.)67071
7Alan Wilkesct.1(1 ct.)77787
8Jules Lyonb.0887610
9Martin Walkerct.498790
10Suresh Jhanot out010981111
11John Rourkect.10 
 Extras  6 
 Total98 for 10

26 May 1996: Badgers at Parktown   (Won by 1 wicket)

Innings of Parktown – 157 for 10 (38.5 overs)

1David Aldwinckle7.00221
2Suresh Jha6.01321
3Allan Butt8.01260
4Mark Gordon4.00141
5John Rourke6.00340
6Alan Tickner7.50256
 Extras  4 

Innings of Badgers – 161 for 7 (39.2 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Jeremy Claytonct.0(2 ct.)1010
2John Rourkect.15240240
3David Aldwincklenot out92356416
4Richard Kempct.7473517
5Alan Ticknerct.3(1 ct.)57865
6Suresh Jhab.1693715
7Allan Buttct.47138845
8Mark Gordonct.15(1 ct.) 
9Mick Willmottnot out11 
 Extras  9 
 Total*157* for 7

1 Jun 1996: Badgers at Leigh   (Won by 18 runs)

Innings of Badgers – 168 for 7 dec.

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Aldwincklerun out94(1 ct.)1727
2Steve Pittsb.3(2 st.)249342
3David Jonesb.93133484
4Alan Ticknerct.304145512
5Barry Forresterb.0514813
6Suresh Jhanot out156161713
7Roy Gordonb.2716281
8Jules Lyonb.0 
9Alan Wilkesnot out1 
10Mick WillmottDNB  
11John RourkeDNB  
 Extras  15 
 Total*169* for 7

Innings of Leigh – 150 all out (35.2 overs)

1John Rourke7.02211
2Alan Wilkes12.23424
3David Aldwinckle8.01250
4Mick Willmott5.00412
5Alan Tickner3.01122
 Extras  9 

9 Jun 1996: Badgers at Crondall   (Lost by 5 wickets)

Innings of Badgers – 199 for 3 dec.

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Aldwincklenot out107164264
2Steve Pittsb.23(1 st.)2138374
3David Jonesst.393199461
4Barry Forresterb.14 
5Allan ButtDNB  
6Richard KempDNB  
7Jules LyonDNB  
8James ?DNB  
9John RourkeDNB  
10Alan TicknerDNB  
11Suresh JhaDNB  
 Extras  16 
 Total199 for 3

Innings of Crondall – 201 for 5 (43.2 overs)

1Alan Tickner17.03640
2John Rourke8.01350
3Suresh Jha6.00220
4Allan Butt6.00272
5David Aldwinckle6.20323
 Extras  13 

23 Jun 1996: Badgers at Dormansland   (Lost by 9 wickets)

Innings of Badgers – 101 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Aldwinckleb.181121
2Jeremy Claytonct.0219318
3Steve Pittsct.5(1 WKc)353134
4Dave Ticknerb.1645340
5Barry Forresterb.17575622
6Alan Wilkesb.968378
7Alan Ticknerb.178380
8Jules Lyonb.088794
9Suresh Jhab.499558
10Mick Willmottnot out110101116
11Mark Gordonst.6 
 Extras  24 
 Total101 for 10

Innings of Dormansland – 104 for 1 (28.2 overs)

1David Aldwinckle7.01201
2Alan Wilkes9.04190
3Suresh Jha3.00170
4Alan Tickner5.00240
5Mick Willmott4.20170
 Extras  7 

29 Jun 1996: Badgers at Heythrop Park (Nat West)   (Lost by 10 runs)

Innings of Heythrop Park (Nat West) – 115 all out (31 overs)

1Alan Wilkes7.0521
2Mick Willmott7.02231
3Brent Noble7.00312
4Barry Forrester6.00212
5Jules Lyon2.00171
6Steve Pitts2.00142
 Extras  2 

Innings of Badgers – 105 all out (32.5 overs)

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Alan Ticknerct.17137237
2Jeremy Claytonb.10252315
3John Rourkect.635311
4Alan Wilkesb.6463410
5Mick Willmottct.657269
6Barry Forresterrun out767270
7Jules Lyonct.078058
8Keith Millerb.6(1 WKc, 1 st.)88383
9Brent Noblect.9989106
10Mark Gordonb.0(1 ct.)10105916
11Steve Pittsnot out11(1 ct.) 
 Extras  27 
 Total105 for 10

30 Jun 1996: Badgers at Hook Norton   (Match Drawn)

Innings of Hook Norton – 185 for 9 dec. (45 overs)

1Mark Gordon6.00250
2Alan Tickner9.04152
3Alan Wilkes17.05654
4Suresh Jha6.01321
5Mick Willmott7.00432
 Extras  5 

Innings of Badgers – 128 for 8

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pittsct.40(4 st.)122222
2Dave Ticknerct.8249327
3Alan Ticknerst.14396147
4Jeremy Claytonct.2649842
5Mark Gordonct.95113515
6Richard KempLBW4611461
7Brent Nobleb.5711975
8Suresh Jhab.1812485
9Allan Buttnot out7(1 ct.) 
10Alan Wilkesnot out0 
11Mick WillmottDNB  
 Extras  14 
 Total128 for 8

6 Jul 1996: Badgers at Hook & Southborough   (Won by 102 runs)

Innings of Badgers – 188 for 8 dec.

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Dave Ticknerct.341727
2Barry Forresterct.421538
3Richard Kempb.2390175
4Mark Gordonnot out103(2 ct.)49050
5Keith Millerct.0(2 WKc, 2 st.)59565
6Alan Ticknerct.16120725
7Alan Wilkesct.97135815
8Jules Lyonct.68155920
9Steve Pittsst.4 
10John Rourkenot out12(1 ct.) 
 Extras  13 
 Total188 for 8

Innings of Hook & Southborough – 86 all out (35 overs)

1John Rourke8.02172
2Alan Wilkes11.03161
3Steve Pitts10.00464
4Alan Tickner6.0350
 Extras  2 

13 Jul 1996: Reigate Cavaliers at Badgers   (Won by 1 wicket)

Innings of Reigate Cavaliers – 116 all out (41.3 overs)

1Alan Tickner14.03254
2John Rourke7.01210
3Mark Gordon8.01282
4Mick Willmott7.00202
5Steve Pitts5.30112
 Extras  11 

Innings of Badgers – 118 for 9

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Jonesct.20(1 ct.)132232
2Justin Duckerct.4(1 ct.)23210
3Keith Millerb.0(1 WKc)33230
4Barry Forresterb.37(1 ct.)446514
5Lee FosterLBW3568622
6Mark Gordonb.7683715
7Steve Pittsct.3(1 ct.)78784
8Jules LyonLBW088790
9John Rourkeb.0(1 ct.)997410
10Alan Ticknernot out25(1 ct.) 
11Mick Willmottnot out0 
 Extras  18 
 Total*117* for 9

20 Jul 1996: Old Emanuel at Badgers   (Match Drawn)

Innings of Old Emanuel – 176 all out (44 overs)

1Mark Gordon12.05304
2Suresh Jha10.02332
3Steve Pitts10.01413
4Justin Ducker10.02380
5Barry Forrester2.00191
 Extras  5 

Innings of Badgers – 123 for 7

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Justin Duckerct.20(1 ct.)143143
2Dave Ticknerst.3825037
3Barry Forresterct.4(1 ct.)35545
4Mark Gordonct.0(1 ct.)471216
5Brent Noblect.9(2 ct.)581510
6Suresh Jhanot out22692711
7Keith Millerrun out5(2 WKc)7104812
8John McCannst.4 
9Steve Pittsnot out8 
 Extras  13 
 Total123 for 7

27 Jul 1996: Badgers at Old Alleynians   (Won by 7 wickets)

Innings of Old Alleynians – 171 all out (46.2 overs)

1Martin Walker6.01321
2John Rourke6.00260
3Mick Willmott17.21555
4Alan Wilkes14.04423
5Lee Foster3.0090
 Extras  19 

Innings of Badgers – 173 for 3

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Jonesct.7112112
2Steve Pittsct.32(1 WKc, 1 st.)230318
3Lee Fosterb.8358228
4Mark Gordonnot out66(2 ct.) 
5Barry Forresternot out39 
6John RourkeDNB (2 ct.) 
7Keith MillerDNB  
8Jules LyonDNB  
9Martin WalkerDNB (1 ct.) 
10Alan WilkesDNB (1 ct.) 
11Mick WillmottDNB (1 ct.) 
 Extras  21 
 Total173 for 3

3 Aug 1996: Badgers at Croydon Gas Exiles   (Won by 6 wickets)

Innings of Croydon Gas Exiles – 141 all out (36.1 overs)

1John Rourke6.01292
2Alan Wilkes8.02161
3Mick Willmott7.00341
4David Aldwinckle5.11162
5Allan Butt10.01394
 Extras  7 

Innings of Badgers – 145 for 4

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Jonesct.18(1 ct.)133133
2Dave Ticknerct.1423320
3John McCannct.033431
4David Aldwincklenot out59470536
5Barry Forresterct.11 
6Mark Gordonnot out25(3 WKc) 
7Allan ButtDNB  
8Jules LyonDNB  
9Alan WilkesDNB  
10John RourkeDNB (1 ct.) 
11Mick WillmottDNB  
 Extras  18 
 Total145 for 4

10 Aug 1996: Badgers at Loose   (Won by 4 wickets)

Innings of Loose – 135 all out (39.5 overs)

1David Aldwinckle7.52101
2John Rourke10.03126
3Suresh Jha6.01200
4Mick Willmott4.00330
5Mark Gordon6.01161
6Simon Fox6.01210
 Extras  21 

Innings of Badgers – 141 for 6

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Aldwinckleb.31110210
2Suresh Jhab.121737
3Richard Kempct.0344127
4Mark Gordonb.12(1 ct.)44854
5Barry Forresterct.0(1 ct.)55244
6Simon Foxct.346106654
7Dave Ticknernot out37 
8John Rourkenot out11 
9Alan TicknerDNB  
10Jules LyonDNB (1 ct.) 
11Mick WillmottDNB  
 Extras  14 
 Total*140* for 6

18 Aug 1996: Valley End at Badgers   (Lost by 11 runs)

Innings of Valley End – 152 for 8 dec. (48 overs)

1Alan Wilkes19.05455
2Mark Gordon5.01190
3Alan Tickner10.05152
4Simon Fox6.01320
5Mick Willmott8.01351
 Extras  7 

Innings of Badgers – 141 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Simon Foxb.3(1 ct.)1717
2Mark Gordonct.27(2 ct.)2730
3Barry Forresterb.0318411
4Richard Kempct.2444226
5Alan Ticknerb.1454460
6Keith Millerb.0(1 WKc)64571
7Alan Wilkesb.0(1 ct.)758513
8Jules Lyonnot out38881923
9Mick Willmottb.5(1 ct.)91411060
10John McCannb.27 
 Extras  22 
 Total*138* for 9

24 Aug 1996: Seveno at Badgers   (Match Drawn)

Innings of Badgers – 180 for 3 dec.

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Aldwincklect.10123123
2Andy Parkerct.75(1 WKc, 1 st.)21262103
3Dave Ticknerb.24312630
4Mark Gordonnot out9(2 ct.) 
5Alan Ticknernot out42 
6Steve PittsDNB (1 ct.) 
7Alan WilkesDNB  
8John McCannDNB  
9Mick WillmottDNB  
10Jules LyonDNB (1 ct.) 
11Richard LyonDNB  
 Extras  20 
 Total180 for 3

Innings of Seveno – 75 for 7 (39 overs)

1Mark Gordon6.01111
2Alan Wilkes10.04110
3Mick Willmott12.02284
4Alan Tickner7.01101
5Steve Pitts4.01130
 Extras  1 
 Totals39.09* 74*6

1 Sep 1996: Badgers at Blindley Heath   (Lost by 7 wickets)

Innings of Badgers – 130 all out

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pittsb.4115215
2John Rourkeb.921611
3Dave Ticknerct.20328412
4Allan Buttb.11465337
5Alan Ticknerct.3756661
6John McCannb.066872
7Jules Lyonrun out17106838
8Mark GordonLBW13(1 ct.)811155
9Alan Wilkesct.8911998
10Mick Willmottnot out8101301111
11Suresh Jhab.1 
 Extras  18 
 Total130 for 10

Innings of Blindley Heath – 134 for 3 (38.5 overs)

1Alan Wilkes10.01241
2Suresh Jha6.02141
3Mick Willmott6.00210
4John Rourke6.02250
5Mark Gordon7.02260
6Allan Butt3.51231
 Extras  1 

7 Sep 1996: Sunnyside at Badgers   (Match Drawn)

Innings of Sunnyside – 235 for 8 dec. (41.2 overs)

1Alan Tickner9.02244
2David Aldwinckle5.01171
3Lee Chipsmith4.00390
4Mark Gordon6.00270
5John Rourke4.00150
6Allan Butt7.20411
7Mick Willmott6.00482
 Extras  24 

Innings of Badgers – 141 for 8

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1David Aldwincklect.13(1 ct.)128228
2Alan Ticknerct.1523214
3Steve Pittsb.13(1 st.)347315
4Lee Chipsmithb.744750
5Keith Millerct.0557410
6Brent Noblenot out3365972
7Jules Lyonb.17104845
8Mark Gordonb.198125921
9Mick WillmottLBW18 
10Allan Buttnot out12 
11John RourkeDNB (1 ct.) 
 Extras  10 
 Total141 for 8

14 Sep 1996: Badgers at Morden   (Match Drawn)

Innings of Badgers – 205 for 7 dec.

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Steve Pittsct.24(1 ct.)136236
2Alan Ticknerb.18248312
3Keith Millerb.135416
4David JonesLBW2545652
5Alan Wilkesb.25135479
6Allan Buttb.58614075
7Jules Lyonct.4714565
8David Aldwincklenot out24 
9Mark Gordonnot out31(1 ct.) 
10Barry ForresterDNB  
11Brent NobleDNB  
 Extras  19 
 Total*206* for 7

Innings of Morden – 82 for 6 (36 overs)

1David Aldwinckle10.05232
2Alan Tickner7.0352
3Alan Wilkes7.04131
4Mark Gordon4.01140
5Brent Noble3.0250
6Allan Butt2.0130
7Steve Pitts3.00111
 Extras  7 
 Totals36.016* 81*6

28 Sep 1996: Badgers at Merrow   (Won by 2 wickets)

Innings of Merrow – 188 for 5 dec. (51.1 overs)

1Mark Gordon7.02171
2Alan Wilkes16.03400
3Alan Tickner19.02733
4Allan Butt9.00471
5Steve Pitts0.1040
 Extras  7 

Innings of Badgers – 189 for 8

 Fall of wickets
No.NameHow outRuns(Fielding)No.ScoreBatStand
1Dave Ticknerct.01010
2David Jonesct.37282282
3Mark Gordonct.62(3 ct.)393411
4Keith Millerct.1(1 WKc)410259
5Jules Lyonb.0510533
6Richard Kempct.2611166
7Mike Percyct.167135724
8Steve Pittsnot out218167932
9Allan Buttct.21 
10Alan Wilkesnot out12 
11Alan TicknerDNB  
 Extras  17 
 Total189 for 8