Badgers Cricket Club – Best Individual Performances

Affiliated to the CCC

These pages contain the best individual performances for each season all the way back to the club’s first in 1959, with the usual provisos around 1981. The qualification criteria for these lists are 50 runs for batting and four wickets for bowling plus they will always include the best three performances of each season (if available). See the other links below, or the menus at the top of the page, for the other averages tables that you can view.

Best Performances Of Season 2021
Jake Gordon137 no. 2 May vs. Leatherhead
Jake Gordon101 no. 25 April vs. Beechwood
Jake Gordon99 no. 13 June vs. Merton
Jake Gordon91 no. 30 May vs. Putney
Darrell Pitts84 9 May vs. Ham & Petersham
Amy Gordon82 no. 22 August vs. Banstead
Darrell Pitts70 2 May vs. Leatherhead
Jake Gordon63 no. 12 September vs. Christchurch
Jake Gordon59 no. 4 July vs. Oxted & Limpsfield
Bill Jenkins53 29 August vs. Blindley Heath
Jake Gordon51 11 July vs. Horley
Bill Jenkins5 for 4 15 August vs. Putney
Dean Wilson5 for 36 2 May vs. Leatherhead
Amy Gordon4 for 18 29 August vs. Blindley Heath
Nathaniel Cibardo4 for 20 15 August vs. Putney
Jake Gordon4 for 21 18 July vs. Ewell
Mark Gordon4 for 25 6 June vs. Mogador Wanderers
Tristram Clucas4 for 37 23 May vs. Woodmansterne

Best Performances Of Season 2020
Darrell Pitts59 no. 13 September vs. Horsley & Send
Darrell Pitts56 30 August vs. Blindley Heath
Jake Gordon53 13 September vs. Horsley & Send
Jake Gordon5 for 27 20 September vs. Stoke D'Abernon
Vinny Cibardo4 for 18 23 August vs. Woodmansterne
Amy Gordon4 for 38 6 September vs. Ottershaw

Best Performances Of Season 2019
Amy Gordon86 14 July vs. Oxted & Limpsfield
Giles Baker72 no. 23 June vs. Tadworth
Darrell Pitts72 11 August vs. Old Whitgiftians
Darrell Pitts64 2 June vs. Putney
Bill Jenkins61 no. 18 August vs. Leigh
Amy Gordon59 21 July vs. Ewell
Bill Jenkins59 3 August vs. Westgate-on-Sea
Bill Jenkins58 16 June vs. Ottershaw
Ben Valentine58 30 June vs. Ripley
Jake Gordon57 11 August vs. Old Whitgiftians
Andy Curtis54 12 May vs. Ham & Petersham
Daniel Ward53 no. 2 August vs. Walmer
Bill Jenkins52 2 August vs. Walmer
Jake Gordon52 no. 8 September vs. Ripley
Mark Gordon6 for 13 19 May vs. Dormansland
Vinny Cibardo5 for 14 15 September vs. Horsley & Send
Darrell Pitts5 for 25 28 April vs. Beechwood
Tom Mann5 for 25 30 June vs. Ripley
Vinny Cibardo5 for 25 3 August vs. Westgate-on-Sea
Vinny Cibardo5 for 30 16 June vs. Ottershaw
Mark Gordon4 for 16 16 June vs. Ottershaw
Mark Gordon4 for 17 1 September vs. Blindley Heath
Darrell Pitts4 for 33 21 July vs. Ewell
Ricky Cibardo4 for 45 8 September vs. Ripley
Ben Valentine4 for 50 2 August vs. Walmer