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A badger at bat! Original image scanned from the cover of the 21st anniversary booklet

A warm and friendly welcome from Badgers Cricket Club – a wandering cricket side who play only friendly cricket matches, mostly in the villages of Surrey – and who also enjoy a yearly three day tour (for many years to the Cotswolds, briefly to Dorset, for several years to Cheshire and more recently we have wandered in our touring too, taking in visits to Cheltenham, Taunton and Canterbury). For more information about the club and this web site, take a peek at the about page.

The site continues to grow in scope, despite having made its first appearance twenty-one and a half years ago in March 2000, and in addition to up-to-the-minute results, summary scorecards, detailed scorecards, match reports and fixtures, you will also find more statistical information than you could shake a stick at (going all the way back to the club’s inaugural season in 1959), the Badgers ‘Honours Board’, a list of the current club officers and links to our social media ‘presence’.

What’s New

11 Nov 2021

Hopefully all interested parties will already know that the annual dinner and awards presentation will be taking place on Saturday 20th November, will have filled out their menu choices and have paid for their meal. If you feel you have been missed out and would like to be there please contact the skipper immediately. Now that the 2021 season is set in stone I am able to bring you the season report which will be used to inform the destination of some of the cups on the night (although no doubt you have all already worked out who is getting what from the Play-Cricket statistics pages, which is why we don’t hold this back until after the dinner these days).

All of the other pages have been updated with the 2021 figures, including all decade by decade averages pages, the personal pages (for which we have no brand new qualifiers, but Amy got her page back having played enough this past season to qualify again and will not ever lose it now) and the individual records page. In addition you can now find historical results for 2021 along with the leading performances and partnerships for the season just gone.

As ever the end of season update brings a lot of (mostly automatic) changes under the covers, so if you see anything that looks wrong please let me know and I will endeavour to sort it out.

2 Oct 2021

A lovely afternoon and evening saw the Badgers and Woodmansterne finish the 2021 season in fine style, with the home side claiming the season series by winning this decider. The usual summarised details of the game can be found on the results page along with a statistical notes only match report, the detailed scorecard, and the traditional Badgers’ focused scorecard.

Now that the final game is in the record books I will start on the end of season processing, most of which is automated these days, so expect to see the usual barrage of new entries for the 2021 season report before very long (maybe even tomorrow if all goes swimmingly).

Also, my apologies but the previous update may have made it onto the public web server after the fact, due to an error in the script that uploads the changes. Fortunately it did not stop a handful of one time Badgers turning up to watch the current team play their final game of 2021 whilst reminiscing on how things were different in their day :)

25 Sep 2021

Our third visit of the season to play Woodmansterne tomorrow will hopefully see the season end with a game of cricket. Details have been added to the fixtures page.

Sadly last week’s visit to Hampton Wick saw the Badgers comfortably win the ‘staying after the game’ period of the day, with all bar the barmaid having left the building before any Badger did so and with a dozen Badgers still in situ at four in the afternoon, despite the fact that the game was rained off not long after the intended start at one. Way to prop the bar up team!!

Crossed Badgers rampant?! This image adorned the front cover of our fixture cards for many years

The older What’s New entries are now held on separate pages, to keep this main page cleaner and smaller, and you can also navigate to them using the drop down menus at the top of the page (under Badgers’ Burrow).

This site is very much a work in progress and if you have any comments, suggestions or would simply like more information then please feel free to send an email to the webmaster using this link:

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