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A badger at bat! Original image scanned from the cover of the 21st anniversary booklet

A warm and friendly welcome from Badgers Cricket Club – a wandering cricket side who play only friendly cricket matches, mostly in the villages of Surrey – and who also enjoy a yearly three day tour (for many years to the Cotswolds, briefly to Dorset, for several years to Cheshire and more recently we have wandered in our touring too, taking in visits to Cheltenham, Taunton and Canterbury). For more information about the club and this web site, take a peek at the about page.

The site continues to grow in scope, despite having made its first appearance nearly twenty years ago in March 2000, and in addition to up-to-the-minute results, summary scorecards, detailed scorecards, match reports and fixtures, you will also find more statistical information than you could shake a stick at (going all the way back to the club’s inaugural season in 1959), the Badgers ‘Honours Board’, a list of the current club officers and links to our social media ‘presence’.

What’s New

29 Jan 2020

The 2020 Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Monday 3rd February at the Burgh Heath Comrades & Social Club starting at seven in the evening. All likely interested parties should have received email notification from yours truly in my role as Chairman but if you feel you have been left out then please contact me via the details on the club officers page.

Hopefully you will all have noticed the fundamental change in this site, with all pages having been switched to use the new layout that I first teased on the dynamic averages page back in January 2017 and have been using for the detailed scorecards since their first appearance in April 2018. In all that time I have received a grand total of zero comments on the new layout, so I hope it is to everyone’s liking.

Whilst preparing to roll out the ‘new’ menu system across the whole site I have been trying to tidy things up in the background, fixing various anomalies and eliminating as many dead links as seem worthwhile (to me a dead link on a historical news or what’s old archive seems like fair game, but something on an active area of the site, or worse within the site, feels like more of a problem).

There has also been massive amounts of change to the underlying pages and associated database programs used to create the content – most of which won’t be visible unless you are the type that likes to look at the page source of the websites they visit (just me then?!) – which involved making everything as standards compliant as possible. The most visible fruits of those labours are that the textual parts of the pages (including these What’s New entries) should adapt better to different screen sizes (especially on wide screens) but I have also corrected a problem with the layout of the old-school scorecards pages and as a first taste of the sort of improvements I am looking to make in the future have changed the way that the personal pages index works so that it should use a multi-column format on wider screens but drop to a single column on narrow panes like a mobile phone screen in portrait mode.

Obviously with such a fundamental change I would welcome any comments, critical or otherwise, and also ideas as to areas for further improvement, especially if you are using a phone or tablet to view the site because I tend to use the PC for both content creation and testing.

NOTE that the next update never actually made it onto the public web site, due to other changes not being complete and in a state to be uploaded, but I have left it here for archival purposes since it documents the cup winners.

27 Nov 2019

The awards dinner has been and gone, and for the first time in more than thirty years Janet and I were unable to attend so I cannot bring anything more than second-hand news on the event, so basically nothing more than who won what:

BattingBill Jenkins268 runs @ 53.6
BowlingMark Gordon27 wickets @ 14.9
FieldingMark Gordon20 catches
CaptainsVinny Cibardo 
Frank ButtTom Mann(for his five-fer at Ripley)
‘Wang Fu’Rob Knew 
Mike LawDaniel Ward(for ‘his refusal to get into a cab’)

16 Oct 2019

Rather like it had in 2018, the 2019 season just fizzled out, with the Badgers struggling to get a team on the designated final weekend and then failing to find a fixture for the last weekend in September when we could have put out eleven, although I suspect that the weather might have made it all moot on both occasions. In the meantime I have fully checked the statistics (which is nothing like the chore it once was before I started processing each game in full as the season progresses and is mostly automated these days) and performed all of the standard end of season processing.

Given that everything is visible on Play-Cricket these days it was decided a while back that we would publish the full season report in advance of the dinner, and the distribution of awards off the back of the averages contained therein, rather than pretending that no one knew the destination of the cups directly decided by the averages. All of the other pages have been updated with the 2019 figures, including all decade by decade averages pages, the personal pages (for which Rod has qualified for the first time and Daniel re-qualified) and the individual records page. In addition you can now find historical results for 2019 along with the leading performances and partnerships for the season just gone.

Not sure what the next update will be, although there might well be one at some time after the dinner documenting the awards made on the night and in addition to continuing with some background work on the underlying site structure, which might result in switching to the new page layout before the start of next season, I hope to get the full 1984 data loaded into the database and exposed here. The relevant information was entered into Play-Cricket some time ago but, due to what happened with batsman retirement in the Hook Norton game that year, I am battling with changes to the fall of wickets handling in various areas of my code, that will need to be working before I can even import the data into the Badgers database, let alone generate any output from it. Some or all of that might come to fruition before the AGM announcement, or if past performance is anything to go by, it might not!?

21 Sep 2019

Sadly there is no game tomorrow, with Westcott having cried off and the Badgers struggling to put out a side anyway. There is talk of trying to arrange a fixture for next week, but that will depend on something suitable coming up via the Conference or some other source.

The annual visit to Horsley & Send last Sunday produced another close game and another exciting finish, with the Badgers scraping home with four balls and three wickets to spare. The usual summarised details of the game can be found on the results page along with a statistical notes only match report, the traditional pertinent elements from the scorecard and the new-fangled full fat scorecard.

Crossed Badgers rampant?! This image adorned the front cover of our fixture cards for many years

The older What’s New entries are now held on separate pages, to keep this main page cleaner and smaller, and you can also navigate to them using the drop down menus at the top of the page (under Badgers’ Burrow).

This site is very much a work in progress and if you have any comments, suggestions or would simply like more information then please feel free to send an email to the webmaster using this link:

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