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A warm and friendly welcome from Badgers Cricket Club – a wandering cricket side who play only friendly cricket matches, mostly in the villages of Surrey – and who also enjoy a yearly three day tour (for many years to the Cotswolds, briefly to Dorset and more recently to Cheshire). For more information about the club and this web site, take a peek at the about page.

The site has continued to grow since it first appeared in March 2000, and in addition to up-to-the-minute results, scorecards, match reports, news and fixtures, you will also find more statistical information than you could shake a stick at, the Badgers ‘hall of fame’, a list of the current club officers, a sadly rather stagnant photo gallery and links to general cricket sites and many of the clubs that we play, or have played, against.

What’s New

13 Nov 2016

The annual presentation dinner took place last night (yes, I really am posting an update the day after the event)!? Details of who won what can be found on the news page, along with a brief report of proceedings, and the Hall Of Fame Trophy winners page has been updated accordingly.

Things will go quiet for a little while now but I am well on the way to being able to provide full best performances information for all seasons prior to 1984, having already entered the first dozen or so seasons, the first fruits of which are already visible on some personal pages, most notably, for now, our esteemed chairman and the legendary Brian Moore. Once the process is complete then you can expect to see both individual pages for each season, as we already have for seasons from 1985 on, and an overall best performances ever page in the hall of fame.

Whilst on the subject of personal pages I omitted to mention with the last update that both Alec Cochrane and Pete Snook played often enough in 2016 (and over the previous four seasons) to end up so endowed but Daniel Ward has lost his since he no longer meets the qualification criteria. Whilst on the subject of omissions I should also mention that I failed to pick up on an unusual element of the second Tadworth game, which I have rectified in the revised match report.

Not sure exactly when the next update will be – I am currently managing to add best performance details at a rate of one per day, but the number of games played increases somewhat from the mid-1970s onwards – but hopefully something useful will appear before Christmas. More likely, given my track record, is an apologetic update just before (or just after) the AGM, but let’s hope that for once I can offer a little more than my existing reputation suggests.

7 Nov 2016

Cross-checking of the data is now complete – Darrell and I have even taken the time to check against the paper scorebook entries, and correct some of them, so my thanks to him for sharing that chore – so for the first time ever I am now in the position to bring you the full season report in advance of the dinner and the distribution of awards off the back of the averages contained therein.

All of the other pages have been updated with the 2016 figures, including all decade by decade averages pages, the personal pages and the individual records page.

In addition those efforts mean that you can now find historical results for 2016 along with the performances and partnerships.

For the record the changes made as a result of the checking can be found on the Statistical Sett page.

Not sure what the next updates will be, although there will almost certainly be one at some time after the dinner documenting the awards made on the night and I have started work on both entering 1984 into Play-Cricket and building up a database of historical best performances, so either (or both) of those might come to friution before the AGM announcement.

1 Oct 2016

The final game of the year at Westcott was blessed with some lovely weather, the odd short rain shower notwithstanding, and a DIY tea. The usual summarised details of the game can be found on the results page along with a statistical notes only match report and the pertinent elements from the scorecard.

After some discussion with various other club officers I have decided to forego the habit of a lifetime and publish the full season statistics as soon as they are ready this year (so no partial season report with the batting, bowling and catching missing). Primary driver for this, since it doesn’t really cost me a great deal of extra time, is that everyone can see the numbers for themselves on Play-Cricket and it no longer makes sense to pretend otherwise. I may also give up on producing the paper season report (including the PDF version) because that does cost me a lot of time and effort, so if you are particularly attached to that approach then you’d better let me know.

Therefore the next update should appear in the next couple of weeks, once I’ve had a chance to cross-check all of the data and roll the whole site over to its post season state.

Crossed Badgers rampant?! This image adorned the front cover of our fixture cards for many years

The older What’s New entries are now held on separate pages, to keep this main page cleaner and smaller, and you can also navigate to them using the Javascript menu (under Home).

This site is very much a work in progress and if you have any comments, suggestions or would simply like more information then please feel free to send an email to the webmaster using this link:

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